Retrofit: list of posts

I've been asked to post a list of posts (seems a bit recursive!) that reference the retrofit stuff. I will try to keep this list updated as I write more. Retrofit 1: Context Retrofit 2: Preparation Retrofit 3: Choices Retrofit 4: Installation Retrofit 5: Thermal Survey Retrofit 6: First Impressions Retrofit 7: First Data Retrofit... Continue Reading →

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Retrofit 8: 6 months of data

Everything has been in and running for a little over 6 months now, so I thought it would be useful to have a look at some statistics. I'm going to take a 'clean' dataset that runs from April through to September as this removes some of the things that were happening in February and March... Continue Reading →

Retrofit #7: First data

TL;DR: It's another long post, but essentially we've started minimising our intake from the grid and hence reducing our operational costs. Best day so far... £0.11 electricity imported. We've now had 2 full months of data which seems like a good opportunity to start looking at some numbers. But first, I just want to say... Continue Reading →

Retrofit #6: First impressions

Everything we needed doing on the retrofit was completed back in January 2022. We've been living with the system for a couple of months, so here are some thoughts on the different components. Solar panels Love 'em. They look pretty sleek and there are a stack of them (20 in total) and they have an... Continue Reading →

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