Naming conventions?

Reading through a few IJRS volumes yesterday, I came across an interesting Technical Note by J Morisette about standardising the nomenclature surrounding image spatial resolutions. The thrust was that subjective descriptors (e.g. moderate or high resolution) are commonly used to describe a wide variety of areal units. It is suggested in the paper that an SI-unit based naming system is used:

  • Kilo-resolution (>1000 m)
  • Hecto-resolution (100 – 1000 m)
  • deca-resolution (10 – 100 m)
  • unit-resolution (1 – 10 m)
  • deci-resolution (0.1 – 1 m)
  • centi-resolution (0.01 – 0.1 m)

Food for thought?

[Morisette J (2010) Toward a standard nomenclature for imagery spatial resolution, 
International Journal of Remote Sensing, 31 (9-10), pp2347-2349]

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