GIS – day #1 part #1

1) Using Ubuntu 10.10, the following can all be installed through the repository:

  • QGIS 1.7
  • QGIS GRASS plugin
  • QGIS Python plugin
  • psycogp2 PostGreSQL plugin

If a python.h error occurs when trying to install pycogp2 then install python-dev. This will install the required header files so that the Python install works properly.

2) I tried to create 9999 random points inside the UK outline using the fwtools provided with QGIS 1.7. This crashed my linux machine. So I tried 1000 points instead. this was very slow, but it did work.

I linked through to GRASS and although it was a faff, it was a lot quicker to run the final point creation. There is no function to generate random points constrained within a polygon so I converted the UK shapefile to a raster and then used r.random to generate the points. Setting the mapset wasn’t as difficult as you would think.

I then tried the same thing in SAGA GIS. I tried to use the Fit N Points to Shape but couldn’t get any output from it. There were no error messages either, so it thinks it has worked. I need to look at this.


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