I’ve been having another look at QGIS today. And it is looking very stable and usable (on Windows – need to get my Linux set-up working properly). <aside> Peppermint OS 2 is looking like a very useful Linux distro – will install and test it in VirtualBox and on my dual-boot and post my thoughts here </aside>. I’ve managed to create 9999 points in both a random and grid pattern and it has all run quickly. Raster data can be extracted using the point sampling plugin.

Raster and Vector tools are working well (unlike 1.6 that had problems on the same machine) but it still doesn’t handle very large images particularly well.

Have downloaded the UK National Grid SP tile for StreetView and VectorMap. This should give QGIS a run for its money, but it handles it well. Hooray – open source seems to be the way forward.

The following image was created quickly, showing that it is simple enough to create images with glyphs for points.


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