Linux goodness again

Some more commands to know


Command Description
gzip/gunzip Zip a file using GNU Zip and unzip it e.g. gzip filename
tar Create an archive of files e.g. tar cvf output.tar inputfile1 inputfile2 where c creates the new archive, v gives verbose output and f tells tar it is dealing with a file. To extract (x) files from an archive use tar xvf output.tar
free Displays the memory usage on a system
halt Shutdown linux
shutdown Shutdown linux
reboot Restarts the computer
kill Force a process to shutdown e.g. kill -9 PID where PID is the process ID which can be obtained from using the top command
top Shows the most important processes
uname Display information about the system e.g. uname -a
ps Display the current running processes e.g. ps ax –cols 132 will show all the processes formatted into the terminal
pstree Shows the parent-child relationships for the running processes
groups Prints the groups that include a specified user e.g. groups root
id Print the user and group ID for a given user e.g. id root
passwd Change the user password
su Switch user. If there is no argument then it switches to root
df Displays disk usage and space available e.g. df -h
du Disk usage statistics e.g. du -ah /etc for all files in human readable format kept in /etc
cal Show a calendar e.g. cal 2013
date Show the current time and date



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