Geoserver install

So that I remember, should I ever need to do this again:

1) download the binary files from the geoserver website – You want the ones that are labeled Binary (OS independent)

2) unzip the file (in this case version 2.4, RC1)


3) change directory into the binary directory of the unzipped file

cd geoserver-2.4-RC1/bin

4) run the startup script


5) if there is a Java error then chech which version you have installed using

which java

if nothing is installed then use

sudo apt-get-install openjdk-7-jdk

check where it is installed using the ‘which’ command again and then set the JAVA_HOME variable

export JAVA_HOME=/usr

exit the terminal and start a new one. Navigate back to the bin directory of the geoserver extracted file

6) run geoserver


7) When the command line output halts and you see ‘Started SelectChannelConnection’ then goto a local browser and type


choose the second option to start the geoserver admin panel and login with the default details user=admin, passwd=geoserver


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