Teamwork export into MySQL


I’ve been looking at as a way of managing projects but one of the things that concerned me was how I could get a copy of the data that goes onto their system. These notes help explain how to obtain a usable copy of a Teamwork project.

First go to Settings > Export and save your project as an sql file (which will be compressed within a .zip file). Then install MySQL – I used a Bitnami stack as a simple way to get everything I needed (maybe that was overkill, but it was quick and easy).

Open phpmyAdmin and log into MySQL, where in the lefthand pane you need to click New to create a new database. You don’t need to add any tables or anything. Then click on that database to select it. Go to Import on the top row of the page and choose the unzipped teamwork .sql file. Import it. It should go smoothly.

You can then expand the database in the left hand pane to see the imported tables. You can select and edit them from within the admin environment. Use Export to dump data from a selected table into a variety of formats e.g. csv, ods etc.

And that’s it!



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