Ubuntu 10.10

Although an initial fan of the new Unity interface, I have decided to remain with Gnome 2.x and installed Ubuntu 10.10 over Fedora 15. It’s a shame, because I prefer Fedora as a concept (free in every way etc.) but it was just too much of a concern to have the CPU fan fail to spin up. Temperatures of 55-60C were making the laptop too hot to touch. Not good. Canonical has stated that the Latitude 13 is supported hardware, and once the Dell utilities were installed through the Software Centre then everything seemed to work well. I can hear the fan spin up and I have a panel applet for the Gnome sensors and gkrellm all telling me that everything is working.

So, I have a swap partition, / and /home partitions and I can see directly into my Windows 7 partition. I have loaded QGIS 1.7 through the relevant PPA and I have to say it looks good. I haven’t been able to get it to talk directly to GRASS 6.4 but can run the latter independently. Python 2.7 is also installed with the Spyder interface.


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